It seems difficult to anyone seeking an escape from a busy life and wanting nothing else but just to relax by the pool or on the beach to even think about excursions.

But they are some wonderful places not to be missed.

  • Summer concerts and recitals of all kinds in Corfu town during July, August and September
  • The Byzantine castle of Angelokastro for a spot of history and drama
  • Corfu Golf Club, one of finest Europe‚Äôs golf courses
  • Perithea, North of the island, for a walk in nature between traditional old village houses.
  • Vidos and Lazaretto island, a few minutes by boat from Corfu town
  • Small natural Paxos harbour and its Caribbean-like crystal waters at Antipaxos. One hour by taxi boat.
  • Othoni, the westernmost settlement and island in all Greece; Ereikoussa, the northernmost of the Ionian Islands are still untouched places, one hour and a half from San Stefano beach on the north west coast of Corfu.

Villas in Corfu sit amidst a beautiful island of many charms, so it's no wonder Corfu is one of the Greek Islands' star attractions and a popular holiday destination.

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